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Satisfied clients & portfolio projects:
Panda Environmental and Logistics.

"I wanted to call you personally, to let you know that we are extremely impressed with our website. Quick, professional service, and an impressive design. I will be sure to refer others to you in the future."

Heavy Equipment & Aggregate Association of Manitoba Inc.

A complete custom solution, integrated into EZE-CMS allows for ease of updating by non-technical staff. Many new members have joined by using the website application form after searching on Google. The volume of data contained in the databases have tested the ability for our proprietary database technology to maintain stability, and has proven to have very little impact upon performance. They're one of our best clients. Feel free to give Kathy a call, and ask her how satisfied the association is with our services.


Complete site re-design featuring EZE-CMS, slide-shows, quote request and employment application script. In 2010, twelve quote requests and over thirty employment requests have been received from the website. A clean layout, easy to use navigation and efficient coding make this one of our best sites completed to date.

An proprietary e-commerce based quote cart system, implemented into EZE-CMS. Some government officials who purchase products using this website, have mentioned that it's the best website they've used in a long time Clients can point and click on products, add them to a session based quote cart, and later get a reply directly from staff via email or by phone call.


A new band from rural Manitoba Canada, gaining worldwide exposure through various marketing campaigns. A simple, yet effective template was modified to create a clean layout. A custom layout will be implemented in the future.

Alpha Omega Recordz

Not your average label. A family of talented HIP-HOP artists and creative soldiers from the hood, pushing a movement of change among the industry.  Intelligent, experienced, and driven to success. We welcome anyone who contributes to their mission.


A talented hip-hop artist originating from Sierra Leone, this man's on a mission. CEO of Mega Hitz Productionz, he's attempting to change the face of the industry. This page is still under-construction with many plans for the future. Be on the look-out!


Natural and alternative health practices contained in a simple but effective layout. Lori is graphic artist who has made some minimal and yet professional changes to the layout, she has also expressed that "she is very pleased with our services."


A unique layout, created and integrated into EZE-CMS. Still in it's primary launch phase, many more features are getting implemented. Animation and user interaction with the layout will be completed in the future.


An organization that was founded in 2005 by Biznatch Enterprises, dedicated to the truth about our environment. A page that still remains under-construction, but has received numerous page-views from organic search engine optimization using an external Wordpress blog. It earns a monthly income from advertisements and has a lot of potential for growth in the future.

A Profit Hunters Club service that helps people report, and avoid online scams.Currently under-construction but still has over 350 registered members.This site was used as a prototype test for EZE-CMS 1.0 and contributed to performance and security developments of our proprietary database format.
Profit Hunters Club

An online group dedicated to making a profit from online and offline business activities. With ambitions to become a developer of profitable services, helping others follow the path of entrepreneurship, financial independance, passive income generation and multi-level marketing. A subsidiary club formed by Biznatch Enterprises.